Adobe Photoshop Elements Review

Photoshop Elements offers many of the same visual effects as Adobe Photoshop for non-professional users. Adobe’s photo editing software for consumers continues to make it possible to create stunning Photoshop effects that novices can achieve. Adobe’s AI technology, Sensei, will be available in 2021. This includes face tilting and animation. Elements offer many of Photoshop’s capabilities and tools without the need to subscribe like its bigger brother. Photoshop Elements is a PCMag Editors’ Choice winner, thanks to its ease-of-use and wealth of tools.

What Does Photoshop Elements Cost?
Photoshop Elements can be purchased with Premiere Elements (an enthusiast-level video-editing program) for $149.99 or as a standalone purchase for $99.99. The app’s installer takes up 2.4GB and the program itself takes up 2.5GB. Make sure you have enough disk space on your Mac or PC, as Elements is also available. This software runs on Windows 10 version 1903 and later. It also requires an Intel 6th Generation processor or AMD equivalent with SSE4 Support.

What’s new in Photoshop Elements
AI-powered Moving Photos transforms static photos into animated GIFs, and face tilting is new for the 2021 edition. The total number of Guided Edits now stands at 58. You can now create social media posts with text overlays and perfect landscapes with enhanced skies. The 2021 version includes support for Adobe Creative Cloud online storage, so you can share your work between Elements as well as Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. You can also back up your database catalog, which keeps track of all your edits.

The latest Photoshop updates have added many powerful tools and improvements over the years, often inherited from Photoshop. Some of these include Automatic Colorization, Subject Select, Object Removal, and one-click skin smoothing. Adobe has made incremental improvements to the interface and the underlying performance of the image format support and image format support such as the support for the HEIC file used by the Apple iPhones.

The Organizer App
Two utilities are part of the main photo editing program, the Start window, and the Organizer. These can be used to navigate the editor before you open the actual one. Although I have complained about the slowness of getting to the editor in the past, I now see the value in both. It is your gateway to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. It contains tips on how to use new editing tools and links to the most recent files that you have worked on. There are also Auto Creations, which automatically create slideshows and collages from your content.

As its name suggests, the Organizer app lets you import, group, and tag your photos. It doesn’t require you to use it but it has many capabilities that will make your main editing program more difficult. The powerful search, auto curation, and sharing tools are useful additions to standard organization tools. Corel PaintShop Pro, ACDSee, and ACDSee are competitors that do all the work in one application. The Organizer window offers four main modes: Media, People, and Places.

Auto Creations
Elements imported about 200 photos and video clips. The home screen displayed more than a dozen Auto Creations that it had created from my content. It produced nice collages from photos taken in the same location and at the same time. This was possible with a little editing and photo swapping. It also produced slideshows with varying levels of interest using my test media. They were well-designed and featured effective backgrounds and transitions. Although the background music was often chosen to match the subject matter, it sometimes stopped abruptly rather than fade out. Some of the background music was so brief that it was pointless. The project can be a starting point for your creativity.

One feature that Elements does not have is automatic album creation. It’s available in Apple Photos, Google Photos, and Windows Photos. These products automatically create albums by grouping photos from different locations and times. These products may not always be perfect, but they can help you get started with albums.

Photo Adjustment
Photoshop Elements truly shines when you switch from the Organizer app to the full editor app. It offers many of the same high-end image manipulation capabilities as Photoshop, but with a lower level of difficulty. Adobe software is unique in many of its tools, especially the content-aware ones that allow you to remove objects or areas without affecting the background.

Elements Effects are Instagram at its best, with features that rival the mobile app. Smart Looks allows you to choose an effect based upon image analysis. There are four options. They matched my test images well. The Quick mode FX options include four options on the standard Vintage, Cross Process, and Toy Camera options. There are seven other options. This tool displays your actual image as it changes due to the effect rather than just a sample, which some programs do.

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