Dear all,

Thanks for all your messages these last weeks and for your patience during the process. SUD-UE Coordination Team wants to congratulate all nominated grantees for their achievement but we also want to encourage those who did not get the grant this time to not give up and continue working hard to reach your goals in life.

Some of the grantees nominated on the first list rejected their nomination (7 people) and the ones whose profile fit on the rejected grant have been contacted and informed about their nomination. Hence, those applicants from the reserve list whose status has changed have been duly informed and are now in contact with their host universities. If you have not been contacted by us it means that you continue on the reserve list.

Please, see in the following document the final list of grantees for SUD-UE 2nd cohort: Accepted 2nd Call_SUD-UE_with replacements

Last but not least, we would like to share with you a link to the European Commission website where other grant opportunities can be found (calls will be open in the future):

SUD-UE Coordination Team remains at your disposal shall you require anything from our side.

Best wishes,