Dear all, Thanks for all your messages these last weeks and for your patience during the process. SUD-UE Coordination Team wants to congratulate all nominated grantees for their achievement but we also want to encourage those who did not get the grant this time to not give up and continue working hard to reach your goals [...]

EMA2 Lot 14 SUD-UE 2nd Call_Results

Results of the SECOND CALL for applications EMA2 Lot 14 SUD-UE   First of all, SUD-UE Coordination Team and all Partner Universities would like to thank you for your applications and we are pleased to inform you that the Second Selection Meeting of EMA2 Lot 14 SUD-UE was held online at the end of May 2015. As a result of [...]

SUD-UE Coordination team, would like to thank all applicants for your interest in our scholarship project. The second call for applications has closed with 2.355 registered applications, from wich, 803 were closed applications. Hereby we would like to let you know that SUD-UE universities are currently on the process of pre-selecting candidates and this process will [...]

Dear applicants, We hope this message finds you well. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that last week SUD-UE Coordination Team had a meeting after receiving feedback of some applicants stating that the deadline was not properly specified in terms of time. The Coordination Team of SUDUE acknowledges this mistake and informs you [...]

Dear SUD-UE applicants, Many thanks for your application! SUD-UE Second call for applications is now closed. Results will be communicated to all participants who have closed the online application at the beginning of June. Good luck to everyone! Best regards, SUD-UE Coordination Team  [...]

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