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Did you miss SUD-UE Webinar? We share the presentation with you!

Hello everyone,

Perhaps you could not join our Erasmus Mundus Action 2 SUD-UE informative session online yesterday. Well, do not worry! In order to keep you informed of every detail we are sharing the presentation herewith.

Presentacion SUD-UE Webinar 12 febrero 2015

Moreover, keep an eye on our webiste updates as shortly we will be uploading the video of the session for you to listen as if you would have joined us during the webinar.

As usual, please, do not hesitate to email us with any concern to sudue@deusto.es. SUD-UE Coordination Team will be delighted to help you. Bare in mind that the deadline for applications is March 27th 2015 and that it is better if you upload all documents well in advance.


SUD-UE Coordination Team

Erasmus Mundus Action 2 SUD-UE online informative session (2nd call for applications)

Dear all,

As we already advanced, SUD-UE Team will host an informative online session about the grants, totally free, life and with a questions and answers round.

The presentation will take place on February 12th 2015 at 17:00 CET (please, check on Google what time would that be on your country).

During the presentation we will explain what do these grants cover, how to make the online application, etc.

To participate in the informative session, please, follow the instructions:

1. Find a laptop or a PC.

2. Get on the internet

3. Clik on the following link and follow the instructions: sesión informativa SUD-UE

(if you are on Facebook you can access from there, on the contrary you can access freely as well)

We hope to see you all on February 12th!


SUD-UE Coordination Team

SUD-UE grantee testimonial

Hello everyone!

We are delighted to share a University of Deusto grantee´s testimonial. The grantee has done a semester at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, in Chile: see testimonial

Remember that SUD-UE is the way to the future! Go ahead and apply for a scholarship now that the second call for applications is open!

FAQ Erasmus Mundus Programme

FAQ Erasmus Mundus Programme

FAQ Erasmus Mundus programme Applicants and Grantees

FAQ Erasmus Mundus programme Applicants and Grantees


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Please send an email to sudue@deusto.es

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